Virtual Keyboard
for PDT 81xx

Virtual Keyboard for PDT 81xx MANUAL       SofToGo SA


Table of Contents:


1. Keyboard

The PDT 8100 offers three virtual keyboards, besides the keyboard by default:

  • 123 keyboard: this keyboard displays numbers and other symbols such as math operators.

  • abc keyboard: this keyboard displays the letters and other symbols such as math and punctuation operators.

  • Fn keyboard: this keyboard is for function keys.

To display the keyboard, click on the icon on the PDT's toolbar. 

You can change from one keyboard to another by clicking on the keyboard name key: 

to display the number keyboard.
to display the letter keyboard.
to display the function keyboard.

To download the keyboard, select "Start Menu / Programs / WireLess Studio / Keyboard".

2. 123 Keyboard

As shown in the picture above, this keyboard contains the numbers and some math operators.

3. abc Keyboard

This keyboard contains the letters of the alphabet, math operators and punctuation symbols.

4. Fn Keyboard

This keyboard is for function keys. Besides the numbers from 1 to 12, this keyboard contains punctuation characters and other symbols such as $ and @.


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